Located in the neighborhood of east rock, one 6 three is a LOCAL JOINT THAT serves up CLASSIC NEW haven style pizza with a unique APPROACH.


ONE 6 THREE opened its doors in February of 2016 and is sitting on the corner of Foster and Willow. Since then, Andrew and Alexa have been serving both quality interpretations of the classics, a bold twist on gourmet pies and an eclectic variety of sandwiches and small plates. As well as a focus and an appreciation for their favorite protein, bacon. 

ONE 6 THREE's interior, designed by the four owners, reflects the cool vibe of the surrounding neighborhood. The rustic and industrial styled restaurant offers the choice to sit in the dining room with their handmade red oak tables or sit at the copper bar to watch the art of prepping and cooking as it occurs in the open-kitchen.



The Team

Andrew Holmes

Alexa Holmes

Jack Flagge

Janet Flagge